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​Ptw International, Inc. is an international network of European Intellectual Property Attorneys and Agents. Ptw was incorporated in New York State and is Headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Ptw' s European Main Office is located in Madrid, Spain and its Latin American Office is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ptw was founded by some of the leading Intellectual Property Attorneys in Europe, who have been in practice for over 40 years.

The Ptw network was created to assist those located outside of Europe to have a free and local conduit for accesing European Patent and Trademark facilities.

Ptw specializes in providing a comprehensive Intellectual Property service for International Patents and Trademarks,particularly European Patents, Community Trademarks and Designs (and future Community Patents), and also Spanish Patents, Trademarks and Designs. Ptw can also help to process and maintain United States, Latin American and Asian Intellectual Property needs.

Ptw has an extensive network of Attorneys and Agents with a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the Intellectual Property field. Ptw provides a highly skilled international service of filing and prosecuting applications to grant, as well as maintenance and litigation, while offering our clients with a local point of contact for processing and maintaining their international and domestic Intellecual Property needs.

Ptw prides itself in providing a comprehensive, fast, reliable and low cost solution fo all Intellectual Property requirements with an emphasis on meeting our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations. Ptw can usually provide an official receipt of application for Patents and Trademarks to our clients within 72 hours.

With our full range of Intellectual Property expertise, Ptw is confident that out customers will benefit from our unique service and commitment.

Our client list includes a wide variety of industries and professions from high-tech corporations, major universities, financial institutions and fashion designers, manufacturers, retailers and individuals. We have clients that use our services from all over the world.


Ptw offers a unique fixed-fee cost structure, which our clients can use to estimate their costs prior to any commitment. Ptw will gladly provide estimates in writing and is willing to consider substancial discounts to our higher volume clients.

Our streamlined production efficiency allows us to charge the lowest fees in the industry and provide the fastest processing time possible. We are happy to provide our fee schedule upon request.

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