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Ptw International, Inc. provides a comprehensive service for all your Intellectual Property needs. We work directly with and/or through our special arrangement of international Attorneys and Agents so there are no secondary or "middle-man" expenses. This way, we can keep our costs down and therefore your costs to a minimum. We provide a "one-stop" service for all of your Intellectual Property matters. You only need to communicate to our local office for all of your needs. Ptw International, Inc. will do all of the "legwork" communicating with our International affiliates and Official Goverment Agencies free of charge.


  • ​Filing, prosecution and supervision of Patents
  • Technical investigations and searches on Patents Worlwide
  • International Patent Applications, Pcts, European, National Validations of European Patents in Spain, Community Patents (when applicable)
  • Legal and technical assistance of Patents, Litigations
  • Surveillance of Patents, payment of annual taxes


  • Filings, prosecution and supervision trademarks
  • Trademark searches worldwide
  • Applications for internationaltrademarks
  • Legal advice on trademarks, franchise and licensing contracts; litigations
  • Trademark watch services for the purpose of possible oppositions


Design Model and Drawings


  • ​Filing, prosecution and supervision
  • Technical searches
  • International Filing, Community Designs
  • Surveillance


Other Intellectual Property Services

  • Registration of authors rights on any type of work or intellectual creation, legal protection for computer programs, drawings, recordings, maps, projects, pictures, books and videos
  • Consulting and legal assistance on infringements of authors rights
  • Representation and defense of the author and his rights before the Registrar for Intellectual Property and Spanish Courts
  • Searches in the Mercantile Registrar Offices in Spain, establishing and registration of new companies
  • Assistance in the registration of new products and distintive signs
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